Unleash the Potential of AI for your business

Train ChatGPT on your data

Stop copy-pasting the data around! We build custom bots based on ChatGPT that are trained to use your data, and are able perform your predefined actions (automation).

Hire your AI intern in days, and save your money and time performing routine tasks!


Common Use Cases

Process Automation

Streamline and enhance your operational processes with the unparalleled efficiency of ChatGPT. From mundane tasks to complex decision-making processes, reduce time spent and increase productivity with the power of automation.

Custom Chatbots trained on your data and actions

Create custom chatbots with access to your data and tools. Save the valuable time of your team, switching between tools and completing mundane tasks.

Contextual Text Generation

Need content? Or unique text based on specific themes? With ChatGPT’s Contextual Text Generation, produce high-quality, contextually relevant texts in seconds.

Our solutions


ChatGPT Plugins

Integrate your service directly into ChatGPT with our Plugin Development Services. Also compatible with Microsoft Copilot! Give your tool more visibility with a public ChatGPT plugin, or

Integration with the tools you already use

We can connect to any tool with an API, and browser tools with targeted Chrome extensions. Make the AI come to you and integrate to your team’s workflows seamlessly.


Custom ChatGPT-based chatbots

Train AI chatbots based on your data, and to efficiently perform your actions. Integrate with Teams, Slack and many more, or deploy as a standalone UI directly.

Prototype development of AI webapp

For simple internal tools, we can create a frontend for you with React & MUI. For public tools, we can help build a first prototype to assess viability.

Unlock A World of Endless Possibilities

Automate processes

Automate the boring stuff. Combine browser automation, APIs and the power of the ChatGPT API to reduce the cost of a task by 90%+.

Auto reply generation

Use powerful AI to craft custom messages as replies for leads. Mix rule-based decisions with language understanding. Just approve and send!

Enchance Security

Add a layer of security to processes by detecting scams and other attacks.

Smart content creation

Automatically turn internal communication, videos, online research and many more to content, to then release with minimal modification.


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